Examination Entry Fees

Electric, Acoustic, Bass, Rock Guitar and Ukulele Exam Fees

Please read the conditions of entry prior to entering for an examination.

Entry is permissible up to 7 days after the entry deadline, subject to the payment of a late entry fee: £20 for grades and performance awards, £42 for diplomas.

View the RGT@LCM Worldwide page to see fees outside the UK.

Please Note: From the Winter Session 2018 we have renamed the Initial and Preliminary grades:
  • Initial will now be called "Step 1"
  • Preliminary will now be called either "Step 2" (if there is an Step 1 for that instrument) or simply "Step"

Exam Dates and Entry Deadlines

Examination dates Latest Date for receipt of entry
Spring: March / April
Summer: June / July
Winter: November / December
1st February
1st May
1st October

Exam Entry Fees for 2018

Grade Exams and Live Performance Awards
Step 1 * £33.00
Step and Step 2 * £35.00
Grade 1 £44.00
Grade 2 £50.00
Grade 3 £55.00
Grade 4 £59.00
Grade 5 ** £65.00
Grade 6 ** £75.00
Grade 7 ** £82.00
Grade 8 ** £94.00

* Step 1 and Step 2: Acoustic, Rock and Ukulele only

** Grade 5, 6, 7 and 8: Electric, Acoustic, Bass and Rock only



Classical Guitar Exam Entry Fees and Deadlines


Classical guitar exams are wholly administered by London College of Music Exams

To view exam entry dates and fees visit:LCM Exams

Exam fee cheques for classical guitar only should be made payable to the University of West London and sent to the LCM Exams office or your local LCM Exams representative (NOT to RGT@LCM).



Filmed and Recorded Performance Awards Entry Fees

Entry Fees For RGT@LCM Filmed and Recorded Performance Awards are listed below. Please see above for the Live Performance Awards fees.

Entries for these exams can be made at anytime throughout the year. Entries will be assessed and reports issued within 8 weeks of RGT@LCM receiving the recordings.

Filmed and Recorded Performance Awards
Step 1: £26.00
Step and Step 2: £32.00
Level 1: £37.00
Level 2: £42.00
Level 3: £46.00
Level 4: £49.00
Level 5: £54.00
Level 6: £58.00
Level 7: £62.00
Level 8: £68.00



Teaching Diplomas  
DipLCM (TD) £225.00    
ALCM (TD) £285.00    
LLCM (TD) £400.00    
Performance Diplomas  
DipLCM £195.00   
ALCM £249.00   
LLCM £350.00   
FLCM (full) £450.00   
FLCM (Performance only) £350.00   
FLCM (Programme notes only) £100.00   


Please note:

  • Entry fees for the exams above will be charged in GBP (UK pounds).
  • For entries from outside the UK, your credit card provider will automatically convert the amount paid into your own currency.
  • Please use a currency conversion website if you wish to calculate fees in your own currency.

Performance Awards Entry Forms and Fees

Please download the Live Performance Award Entry Form and Fees and the Recorded/Filmed Performance Award Entry Form and Fees from the Exam Information Booklets and Syllabuses page.


To find out about the work of the RGT@LCM and exam fees outside the UK, click here.

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