Guitar Teaching Diplomas

RGT@LCM offers a series of accredited teaching Diplomas for electric guitar, bass guitar and acoustic guitar. These Diplomas reflect the specific skills needed to teach popular music.

There are three levels of Teaching Diploma available:

  • Diploma Of The London College Of Music - DipLCM in Teaching
  • Associate Of The London College Of Music - ALCM in Teaching
  • Licentiate Of The London College Of Music - LLCM in Teaching

Each Diploma provides guitar teachers with the opportunity to gain a recognised professional qualification.

Please click on the following links to view, print or save information about the Teaching Diplomas:

Electric Guitar Teaching Diploma Information Booklet

Electric Guitar Teaching Diplomas Syllabus

Bass Guitar Teaching Diplomas Syllabus

Acoustic Guitar Teaching Diplomas Syllabus

Entry Form and Fee List for all Teaching Diplomas

Recognised Qualifications

The Diplomas are awarded by London College of Music Exams and are accredited by the University of West London. The Diplomas are also recognised by the DCSF (Dept. for Children, Schools and Families) as a recognised qualification and have been placed on the National Qualifications Framework.

Reading List

The titles listed below have been assessed and are recommended as useful reading for anyone considering taking one of the teaching diplomas. In order to make obtaining these publications easy for exam candidates they have been stocked by the RGT@LCM's book suppliers the LCM online shop.

Please note that the none of the titles on the list below should be considered as compulsory 'set reading' for any of the diplomas and the list is not intended to be exhaustive or exclusive; candidates at Diploma level are expected and encouraged to independently research additional resources suitable for their needs and interests.


Not Pulling Strings by Joseph O'Connor
Not Pulling Strings

A highly recommended book, providing many practical and innovative ideas about instrumental teaching. Topics include: the process of learning and teaching; effective strategies for learning music; improving teaching and performance; avoiding situations and attitudes that hinder teaching; how teachers can use language for more effective communication; practice methods. "One of the most illuminating analyses of teaching and learning...deserves to become the primary focus for all teachers of musical instruments in their quest for improvement." (Music Teacher magazine). more info/buy

Improve Your Teaching - an essential handbook for instrumental and singing teachers, by Paul Harris
Improve Your Teaching

A succinct but inspirational book, which provides useful information for Teaching Diploma preparation. Topics include lesson preparation, effective practice, improvisation, group teaching.

more info/buy

Teaching Beginners - a new approach for instrumental and singing teachers, by Paul Harris
Teaching Beginners

Provides innovative teaching strategies and practical advice and ideas on how to teach beginners. A helpful book for Teaching Diploma preparation.

more info/buy

Teaching Guitar by Jody Fisher
Teaching Guitar

An introductory guide to starting teaching guitar, with a wealth of useful teaching tips and business advice. The book includes an enhanced CD which supplies recorded examples of teaching materials as well as helpful forms for tracking student progress.

more info/buy

Instrumental Teaching by Janet Mills
Instrumental Teaching

A comprehensive book that starts by investigating what instrumental lessons are for and asking probing questions such as 'Why teach?'. Other topics include planning a programme of lessons, practice routines, and exploring common myths about instrumental learning
and teaching.

more info/buy

Making Music 200 creative ideas for instrumental teachers, by Patricia Gane.
Making Music

Provides a huge resource of practical activities designed to help music teachers improve students’ musical understanding and aural awareness, includes useful warm-up routines, exercises for pulse and rhythm, exploring scales and chords, and improvising.

more info/buy

Additional titles with some potential relevance for Diploma candidates.

The titles listed below contain some sections that may be of interest to some guitar teachers. These titles are NOT stocked at RGT@LCM; your local library or the publishers, listed in brackets after the author name, should be contacted concerning availability.

The Developmental Psychology of Music by D. J. Hargreaves (Cambridge University Press)

Music Psychology in Education by Susan Hallam (Bedford Way Papers)

Music, Mind and Education by Keith Swanwick (Routledge)

How Popular Musicians Learn: A Way Ahead for Music Education by Lucy Green (Ashgate Popular and Folk Music Series)

The Musical Mind: The Cognitive Psychology of Music by Sloboda (Oxford University Press)

Healthy Practice for Musicians by Elizabeth Andrews (Rhinegold)

Tensions in Performance of Music by Carola Grindea (Kahn & Averill)

The Alexander Principle by Wilfred Barlow (Gollancz)

Indirect Procedures (A Musician’s Guide to the Alexander Technique) by Pedro De Alcantara (Oxford University Press)

Instrumental Music for Dyslexics: A Teaching Handbook by S. Oglethorpe (Whurr)

Music In The Early Years by Susan Young & Joanna Glover (Falmer Press)

Musical Beginnings by I. Deliège & J. Sloboda (Oxford University Press)

Music, Gender, Education by L. Green (Cambridge University Press)

Music, Imagination and Culture by N Cook (Clarendon Paperbacks)

The Language of Music by Deryck Cooke (Clarendon Paperbacks)

Inner Game of Music by Barry Green & Timothy W Gallwey (Pan)

Teaching Music Musically by Professor Keith Swanwick (Taylor & Francis)

Teaching Music edited by Gary Spruce (Taylor & Francis)

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