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Can I Use An Acoustic Guitar For The Electric Guitar Exam?

Yes. You may play electric or acoustic guitar. Amplification is provided for electric guitar players.

Can I Enter Straight For Grade 8?

Candidates may enter for any exam without having taken any preceding exam. In other words, you don't need to have taken Grade 1 to enter for Grade 2. However, we would recommend that you work progressively through all the handbooks to ensure that you develop your playing in a structured and comprehensive way.

Can I Enter More Than One Exam At The Same Session?

Yes. For example, you could take Grade 2 followed by Grade 3 on the same day.

Do I Need To have Lessons With A Registered Tutor Before I Can Enter An Exam?

No, you can enter individually whether you have a tutor or not - however, tuition from an experienced tutor would undoubtedly prove helpful in preparing for an examination.

Do I Have To Use The Fingering Given In The Exam Handbooks?

No. The Handbooks give fingering for scales, arpeggios and chords for general guidance only. Alternative systematic and effective fingerings will also be acceptable.

What Do I Get When I Pass?

If you obtain the 65% pass mark you will be awarded an official London College of Music Exams Certificate for the relevant Grade. This is the same certificate, and holds the same validity, as those issued by LCM for classical music examinations.

When Do Exams Take Place?

In mainland UK, exams are held 3 times a year. Please see the following pages for session dates and entry deadlines: England & Wales, Scotland, NI and Ireland. Exams may be held on any day of the week - see the 'Conditions of Entry to RGT@LCM examinations' for more information.

Where Are Examinations Held?

Exams are held in a wide variety of venues. These may include rooms in schools, colleges, teachers houses, examiners houses, rehearsal studios, guitar centres, church and community halls.

Will I Have To Travel Far?

Not normally. Via our combined network of RGT@LCM centres we have several hundred possible venues spread widely across the UK. You will be assigned to the exams centre operating nearest to your home address.

How Much Does It Cost To Enter An Exam?

The exam fees page contains details of all entry fees.

How Do I Enter For An Exam Outside The UK?

Exams may take place on an annual basis in various European centres (such as Eire, Greece and Malta), as well as Worldwide centres (such as USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the Far East). Special arrangements apply to overseas exams, and candidates should contact the RGT@LCM (or the local representatives) prior to submitting an exam entry.

When The Exam Is Finished Will The Examiner Tell Me If I've Passed?

No. After the examination the examiner will write a full examination report for you. The report will highlight your strengths and weaknesses, and list the marks awarded for each section. This will normally be sent to you within 28 days. If you have been entered by your tutor, or if you have given the name of your tutor on your entry form, then all documentation will be sent direct to your tutor.


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