Guitar Teacher Testimonials

  • Phil Armitage, Preston: "Joining RGT@LCM was absolutely the key that opened the door to a successful instrumental teaching career that continues to this day."
  • Tim Marshall, Hampshire: "Being a member of the RGT@LCM is without doubt the single most important thing I have done to enable me to be the best music teaching professional that I can. RGT@LCM membership has helped me raise my profile, provided me with a more professional shop front for potential students and also has provided me with an excellent source of teaching materials/resources and knowledge."
  • Malcolm Callus, London: "As RGT@LCM is the foremost guitar education board in the UK, being on the RGT@LCM database has definitely helped me attract more students, I can safely say that 85% of my new enquiries come from the RGT@LCM website."
  • Mike Essex, Eire: "RGT@LCM membership gives prospective students reassurance that they are going to somebody who has a professional approach to their teaching. If you are serious about teaching guitar, then you need be an RGT@LCM member to be taken seriously."
  • Chris Ball, Devon: "Being a member of RGT@LCM has enabled me to access RGT@LCM articles and resources that have helped me to develop clear strategies for teaching. The RGT@LCM books and exams provide structure and so a clear path is mapped out for students. The credibility of being an RGT@LCM tutor has helped me greatly."
  • Adrian Doyle, Berkshire: "A number of students have found me through the RGT@LCM website. I think it helps being a member of an organisation as it gives an extra level of professional credibility. "
  • Steve Gartshore, Portsmouth: "RGT@LCM is a great organisation to be part of, especially if you are a self-employed guitar tutor often working in isolation. I highly recommend membership of RGT@LCM, as well as making use of their grade courses. The materials are very relevant, well-presented and easy to follow."
  • Nick Mackey, Lancashire: "Being a member of RGT@LCM has helped me as a source of serious students and being able to provide them with qualifications from a recognised exam board."
  • David Schnerr, USA: "I have very high standards and appreciate the professionalism of RGT@LCM. I also have the confidence in knowing that the RGT@LCM materials are the best in the world. I am very proud to be a member of RGT@LCM as it is a professional organization that lives up to its promise to deliver the best in guitar education."
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Honorary Patrons

Sir Paul McCartney, David Gilmour, Hank Marvin, Ronnie Wood, Suzi Quatro, Carlos Bonell, Neil Murray, Gordon Giltrap, John Etheridge, John Illsley, Glenn Tilbrook, Dave Kelly